About us

About Us:
(BlazPost) was established in 2009: the company first started in Kurdistan (north Iraq) Then Expanded throughout Iraq, and to the neighboring countries. From that time (BlazPost) is working to provide professional express cargo and shipment services locally and internationally today (BlazPost) stands as one of the local market leaders. Now a days( BlazPost) is among the best to Provide shipment and delivery services which include: - International shipping Express & Standard), Domestic shipping (express & standard), Shop and Ship Services Mail Box services, Door to Door Services. Despite the unstable conditions in Iraq and the sever competition in the world market, (BlazPost) worked hard to be one of the best company's in cargo filed. (BlazPost)  branches through out Iraq provide delivery and shipment service to businesses men, government service to Businesses men, government and public. BlazPost)  now has a wide net work of branches that grew ever larger inside and outside the country with efficient and experienced Staff Trained on the best updated technology of cargo shipment to meet customers need.

Our Goals:
The most important thing to our company is to gain customer's satisfaction and comfort each customer is important to us. To achieve this goal we work hard to present the best services
To our customers. (BlazPost) will assure you the speed, security and effective services




BlazPost Headquarter
30 Meters Street,
Close to Erbil International Hotel,
Erbil, Iraq.
P.O. Box 67
BlazPost Express
Erbil - 0383
Erbil, Iraq
Customer Service
Main Phone: 066 222 3 222
Cell phone: 0750 734 7000
Saturday-Thursday 8am - 5pm
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